Cascarilla — The “Must-Have” Tool for the Spiritual Household

Cascarilla — The “Must-Have” Tool for the Spiritual Household

“Niño, grab some cascarilla for me! I believe I have some in the closet,” my mom would yell from across the home as 5 year old me ran to her closet in search for the small cup of compressed egg shell powder or “cascarilla”. 

When I think back… Cascarilla truly is one of those items you will find in every corner of a Latino spiritual household. Its uses are many and its efficacy, unquestioned!

Cascarilla is made from egg shell powder that is crushed into a fine powder. It is then mixed with hot water and set to dry in small cups. Flour is sometimes also added to assist with making everything stick together although, if finely ground, cascarilla when dried turns very much like a chalk. 

Cascarilla is used to purify, protect, cleanse, and banish negative energies. It is usually used as chalk to create markings such as crosses in the body or on surfaces such as walls or doors or added to floor washes or baths by crushing into a powder.

No matter the way it is used, cascarilla is a key ingredient in any working and everyday life of a witchy household whether it be to add some behind your neck to protect from negative entities, add to your feet before heading out to prevent absorbing unwanted energy, or adding to your bath water for the usual witchy cleanse!

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