The Mysterious Power of Moldavite

The Mysterious Power of Moldavite

A stone that has taken the spiritual and witchy community by storm, Moldavite is one that is loved and feared by many!


I will be discussing the origin of Moldavite, its spiritual uses and power, my personal experience using Moldavite and how to tell a real from a fake so stay tuned!


Moldavite is a tektite or natural glass that was formed as a result of a meteorite impact that occured approximately 15 million years ago in the south of Germany and Czech Republic region!

Moldavite is a stone that is associated with the divine. Many legends have risen from the origin of this stone but nonetheless, it’s power is almost palpatable!

For some Moldavite users, they can feel it’s energy and vibration as what has been termed as “moldavite rush” which is a feeling of energy that is perceived as one holds a piece of Moldavite in their palm. Although some people perceive the energy through a rush, for some, they will feel it’s energy later on as thoughts, messages, and intuition is enhanced!

Moldavite is a stone that assists with aligning to your best self and reality. It helps you connect with divine energies and understand your life purpose and role in the world. Moldavite heightens intuition, psychic powers, channeling abilities and overall spiritual development. It opens the heart chakra and embraces divine love and acceptance. Although it is known to heighten feelings, once used to its power, Moldavite generates empathy and acceptance of others calming those who may be more explosive when reacting to certain situations.

The fears generated through the use of Moldavite in their practice is due to quick and fast results where Moldavite will sometimes pull you away from bad influences, people, situations and careers. It is quick in helping one attain their higher self and true goal in alignment with the universe. It is common for emotions to be all over the place at first, discussions occur with relatives and friends, career changes to take place, etc…

Although feared, Moldavite will attract prosperous energy, financial wellbeing, wealth, etc… so stay calm and ride along! Moldavite has the best interest in mind for you!

I want to share a bit of my experience with Moldavite in just a short time of gifting myself 3 beautiful pieces for my birthday last month! When I first received the pieces, I didn’t feel a rush like everyone else would mention but instead felt a feeling of familiarity. I would only understand this feeling as I continued to connect with these stones. Later that day as I headed to the shower, I felt almost an overwhelming flush if thoughts about the universe, frequencies, energies, other beings in the universe, our connection with the divine, etc… I thought about the power of stones and crystals and how certain crystals help us attune to certain frequencies and energies just like a quartz crystal helps a regular hand watch work by vibrating at a certain frequency. I was shocked because these aren’t thoughts that come too often as we are distracted with the outside world and adulting! I was fascinated! It was my confirmation that Moldavite wears the crown for the strongest crystal I have ever worked with! The next few days were nothing short of calm… I threw away my old mattress, organized my space and even caught up with 200+ orders! All of a sudden, I began getting a huge influx of orders coming in. Turned out I had fulfilled an order for an influencer that posted about certain products and herbs I am the sole producer of and sales skyrocketed! Lastly today, after almost 2 years of working on rebuilding my credit score, my score jumped up 40+ points putting me 40 points away from being at a 680 for me to purchase a home! I have made relationships with new suppliers to acquire rare stones including Moldavite, Lybian Desert Glass and much more! Do I believe my Moldavite pieces had an influence for all this to happen… hands down!

Don’t fear the power of Moldavite! When it is time, it will call you and make its way to you!

I do recommend to practice caution and learn how to spot any fakes. I have been seeing lots of fakes making its way around the internet especially coming from China and India. Know that REAL Moldavite will only come from the regions mentioned earlier!

First of all, ALL pieces are different! If you spot 2 that are alike, they are most likely fakes! Each piece is unique!

Second, Moldavite was formed MILLIONS of years ago and although they are naturally formed glass, they are dull and not shiny from years of being underground. The only shiny bits you will see is if they were recently chipped. The whole piece should not be shiny.

If you do not see bubbles and/or inclusions then they are most likely fake. These tektikes were formed by nature and therefore, they collected air, shaped in odd positions with bubbles and inclusions because nature is not perfect! You should be able to see lechatelierite inclusions (silica glass and melted quartz) from the impact of the meteorite and rapid loss of pressure reduction.

Lastly, REAL Moldavite is RARE and only mined during certain times of the year therefore, they can be quite expensive or pricey! If you see cheap pieces on places like Ebay and Etsy, these are more than likely fake.

Thank you for reading and Many Blessings!

  • Alain Rodriguez 💕✨
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