What to do with my Money Bowl?

What to do with my Money Bowl?

Hi Baby Witches! 💕

I have seen a lot of questions regarding what to do with your money bowl after New Years. To be honest, their is no right or wrong answer. I decided  to write this post to help those new practitioners get an idea of what they feel is right!

First of all, just want to make clear that every tradition is different. Take what resonates with you and do what you feel is best as you meditate and continue to grow in your practice!

Money Bowls can take many forms and be completed in different ways but all that matters is the energy and intention that is set so you manifest its magic into your life!

Money bowls can be deconstructed if you feel the energy is stagnant and you want to make a new bowl but usually a money bowl can be placed in the back left area of your home which is the prosperity corner in feng shui and can be “fed” every few days by adding a few drops of oils, loose change, herbs, etc… You can also light a candle and say a few words of affirmation, a spell, prayer, or whatever feels right to you!
In some traditions, I have seen Thursdays are the day to light a candle and feed the bowl but you can also do on a Monday morning before starting the work week… again, whatever feels right to you!

You can also feed or light a candle whenever you feel the need to give it a bit of boost! For some, their money bowl continues to grow throughout the year and at the end of the year, its contents will be left as an offering in forest giving thanks to a deity, the universe or mother nature for their blessings as they begin the next year with a new money bowl! 

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