Black Nightshade (Solanum nigrum)

Black Nightshade (Solanum nigrum)

Today I will be discussing an herb that is used across various cultures for its powerful uses and mysterious powers!


Black Nightshade contains a poisonous chemical called solanine which is toxic at high doses. Care should be taken when handling this herb.

Due to its poisonous nature, Black Nightshade has been associated with the night and the spirits of death. Black Nightshade is also attributed to the moon and the goddess Hekate!


A mysterious plant within the world of the occult, it can be used in baneful magick to cause sickness, physical strain, and mental anguish or used in spells to strenghthen power, authority, and call forth one’s spirits to aid and assist in a casting.

Black Nightshade is an herb that has power within the physical world and the world of the dead, making it an excellent herb to call forth spirits or ancestors and utilize in ancestral magick and workings to reverse spellwork sent your way and create spiritual force fields.


In Afro-Caribbean traditions, Black Nightshade is known as Hierba Mora or Yerba Mora, an herb that belongs to witches and spellcasters. When paired with cleansing herbs, it can empower a cleansing and give it strength or can also be paired in other working to cause harm making it a versatile herb for both light and dark witches!

Black Nightshade (Hierba Mora) is also prepared with holy water (or blessed water) to activate lodestones.

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Their is no denying that Black Nightshade is an herb full of mystery and power that used across many traditions and cultures!

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