Mandrake (Mandragora officinarum) | American Mandrake (Podophyllum peltatum)

Mandrake (Mandragora officinarum) | American Mandrake (Podophyllum peltatum)

One of the most mysterious plants in the witchy world has to go to Mandrake… I will be including Mayapple which is also known as Mandrake in North America which shares similar spiritual uses as it’s European counterpart.


Mandrake’s popularity really took off with the Harry Potter films but it has always been an oddity of nature and caused a stir of interest in the occult world! Mandrake’s Roots (Mandragora Officinarum) resemble that of a human body. Mandrake is part of the Solanaceae family which is commonly known as the nightshades! It is the family that includes some of the most powerful and mysterious herbs used all over the world and in various traditions such as the deadly nightshade, jimsonweed, belladonna, tobacco (popularly used by Native Americans in religious ceremonies and rites), and even Hierba Mora (Solanum Nigrum) and Pendegera (Turkey Berry) used in traditions in Mexico and the Caribbean!


Mandrake is often thought to be used for left hand workings, curses, etc… but in the contrary, just like many herbs, its uses are many! Funny enough, a friend and I were discussing Solanaceaes and Mandrake came up. Her first thought was negative towards the root and she shared how it is used in her country for dark workings. She was so surprised when I shared how powerful this root can be for light workings as well!

Mandrake is a root of mystery and often associated with the goddess Hekate and Aphrodite. It helps connect us with our primal power, with the mysteries of the occult and nature! It strenghthens our powers, spells and intentions. Mandrake also protects and dispels negative forces when combined with cleansing herbs and even used for love and money, and prosperity spells! Mandrake is considered one of the most potent herbs in the magickal world!

In the world of Herbal Magick, Mandrake is one that should be learned slowly and used by experienced practitioners only or through guidance from experienced practitioners!


It’s energy is unlike any other herb… connecting with its energy is vital in making sure it’s addition will ensure a successful outcome in your workings, but when mastered, it can be a fantastic tool and addition to any spell!

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