Mugwort | Estafiate (Artemisia vulgaris)

Mugwort | Estafiate (Artemisia vulgaris)

What is an herb that perhaps is the most popular in the witchy community? Well… the title will probably go to Mugwort!

Mugwort is a weed that grows along roadways, abandoned places and fields. It grows in much of North America although it is most common in the Eastern US and Canada.

Mugwort has been used for centuries and associated with the moon and the Greek Goddess Artemis!

It is an herb associated with the mysteries of the night and commonly used in witchcraft to enhance astral travel, prophetic dreams, lucid dreams and psychic abilities.

Native Americans such as the Aztec also considered Mugwort a sacred herb. Some tribes would burn mugwort to purify the spiritual and physical environment. In parts of Asia and Europe, mugwort is burned to scare off evil spirits and entities.


Mugwort can be added to a pouch and kept under a pillow for purposes of dreams and astral travel although it can also be added to many prepararions such as oils, potpourri, candles, and more! It’s uses are plenty!

Mugwort can also be burned when wanting to connect with spirits and guides as it assists with expanding spiritual awareness and creates protection over the area as one performs divination or meditation.

Written by Alain Rodriguez

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