Letter of the Year: 2024 [Cultural Association Yoruba from Cuba]

Letter of the Year: 2024 [Cultural Association Yoruba from Cuba]

Letter of the Year 2024 Predictions of Ifá for Cuba and the World

To the priests of Ifá, Obá Oriate, Babaloshas, Iyaloshas, Iworo, and the general public:

On December 31, 2023, at the social headquarters of the Religious Institution Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba, located at Prado # 615 between Monte and Dragones, Municipality of Old Havana, Havana, Cuba, the priests of Ifá gather to perform the ceremony of the Letter of the Year 2024, chaired by the Chief Priest of Ifá Silvio Méndez González "Awo Babá Osá Meyi" with the support of the Board of Directors and its Provincial Operational Extensions, the Council of Senior Priests of Ifá of the Republic of Cuba, affiliates of our Religious Institution abroad, and guests from other nations. The aforementioned Chief Priest drew the Letter after consulting the 25 prescribed positions and sacrifices.

Ruling Sign: Irete Otura (Irete Suka)

First Witness: Ika Ogundá

Second Witness: Otura Ogundá

Prophetic Prayer: Iré Buyoko Lowo Asojano (a benefit of a seat through the Orisha Asojano) Onishesiawan Asojano to whom an etu (guinea) is sacrificed

Ruling Deity: Elebara (Eleggua)

Companion: Oya

Flag: Purple with a scrubbing brush

Ebbo Ni Ifa: Akukó, body measurements, a crown, purple cloth, a stone from a hill, white cloth, seawater, earth from the four corners, miniestrone, smoked fish, smoked hutia, and toasted corn. Right.

Ebbo for santeros: a chicken, a crown, a stone from the four corners of the house, three dolls, smoked fish, smoked hutia, and toasted corn. Right.

In this sign, it is born:

To go from king to slave.

That Olófin cannot bless what has no head. The secret service and the military service.

Obbatalá blessed the young awoses for their ashé.

Proverbs of the sign:

Ignorance makes a free man a slave.
Do not ask of another what you are not capable of fulfilling.
A mother is not only the one who gives birth but also the one who raises.

The troublemaker destroys everything.

The eye of the parents protects the children.

Predicted diseases:

Diseases of the lower abdomen.

Genetic diseases such as Down syndrome. Increase in neurological and cerebrovascular diseases such as autism.

Skin diseases.


Increase preventive efforts by the relevant authorities regarding the ingestion of alcoholic beverages and the consumption of narcotics, especially among young people and their consequences.

Ifa draws attention to the increase in abuse towards women and the abandonment of children. Do not leave children in the care of anyone, as they can be harmed. And be careful with them even in your own home.

Alert about the increase in criminal activities.

Precautions are recommended for belongings during national travels.

Ifa foresees a decrease in the birth rate.

Ifá calls on young babalawo to continue improving in the practice of our cult.

Ifá warns of the tendency of our practitioners to reveal secrets, calling for discretion.

It is recommended to receive Oduduwa and Asojano.

A call is made to be respectful of the differences between human beings to avoid unnecessary conflicts and disagreements.

Warning about the consumption of breaded or covered foods.

The youth should be respectful to the elders, and, in turn, the elderly should lead by example.

Ifá warns of an increase in marital breakups.

Ifá calls for more attention to agricultural productivity and land utilization.

It is recommended to make sacrifices to Eshu.

It is recommended to pray for the head after consulting the guardian angel.

Happy and prosperous year 2024!

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