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Abre Camino | Road Opener Dried Herb for Prosperity and Spiritual Cleansing use in Money Spells traditional Voodoo - Hoodoo - Santeria

Abre Camino | Road Opener Dried Herb for Prosperity and Spiritual Cleansing use in Money Spells traditional Voodoo - Hoodoo - Santeria

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Abre Camino Herb comes from the species Eupatorium. Due to some species being endangered or only grown locally, many species has been used as an alternate.
We now sell several species at different prices to assist those who prefer one over the other.
We believe herbs have their own energy and we all may connect with one over the other!
Each Godhouse utilizes a prefered species depending on what they have been taught or what they resonate best with.

Option 1:
Scientific Name: Eupatorium Villosum, Koanophyllon Villosum
Spanish Name: Abre Camino
English Name: Florida Thoroughwort
Info: This species is found in South Florida and commonly found in the Florida Keys. This is the species widely accepted and used in the Caribbean as Abre Camino. This species is currently an endangered species. We grow this species locally and harvest.

Option 2:
Scientific Name: Eupatorium Perfoliatum
Spanish Name: Unknown
English Name: Common Boneset
Info: Species also found in North America. Commonly used as Abre Camino or Road Opener usually in workings outside of Santeria.

Dried Abre Camino herb.
Comes in Resealable Bag for 0.5 Ounces.
Abre Camino (Road Opener) is used for spells of prosperity and jinx breaking.
Boil in water to create a bath or omiero.

Traditional herb used in Afro-Carribean religions such Santeria and Voodoo.

Uses for spells: Strength, Power, Domination, Protection, Removes Hexes and Curses, Victory in Court Cases, Breaks or Removes Evil Eye, Removes Evil Spirits, Good Luck Spells, Money Spells, Attract Clients, Break Obstacles

Use for mojo bags, candles, poppets, dolls, candle work, floor sweeps and baths.

Pair with other herbs for stronger effect such as Vence Batalla, Rompe Zaraguey, Vencedor, Salvia, Frescura, Artemisa. Traditionally 7 strong herbs are used for strong cleansings to break curses, spells, or remove evil spirits.

Home Cleansing Spell

Prepare a pot of water and place your hand over it.

Say, “I call my ancestors and guides to aid me in purifying this water for the purpose of cleansing my home of all negative energy, spells, hexes or evil eye that has been sent my way.”

Wait 11 minutes and place herb in pot to boil.

Wait 7 minutes and remove from the fire.

In front of the pot, light a white candle and pray to your ancestors and guides to help with cleansing your home. Feel free to pray on anything that you may be experiencing.

Wait for water to cool and later remove herb or strain.

Add a bit of milk, cascarilla powder and cologne (preferably Kolonia 1800).

You can also blow tobacco smoke into the mixture as your pray to your ancestors.

Mix this into bucket with water to cleanse your home with.

You can seperate into 3 parts to cleanse your home for 3 days if you are going through a spiritual war. Reserve a bit of the mixture of day 3 to cleanse your front door with mixture.

Cleanse your home from back to front and cleanse your door. Make a cross with cascarilla to prevent negative energy from returning to your home.

Throw water used to cleanse your home away towards the street.

Gypsy traditions use Dragon’s Blood powder to seal the doorway as well after a home cleansing.
Gypsy Door Dust available in shop made to protect and create a barrier that prevents negativity and evil spirits from entering the home.

Love & Light 💕✨

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