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Bridge to the Divine | Spiritual Annointing Oil | Spiritual Awareness | Boost Psychic Intuition & Powers | Higher Vibrations | 1 Ounce

Bridge to the Divine | Spiritual Annointing Oil | Spiritual Awareness | Boost Psychic Intuition & Powers | Higher Vibrations | 1 Ounce

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Embark on a journey of spiritual enlightenment with our "Bridge to the Divine" spiritual oil, thoughtfully crafted with a blend of hand-picked ingredients known to enhance spiritual awareness, elevate frequencies, and boost psychic intuition. Every component in this exquisite oil has been meticulously chosen to guide you on your path toward a deeper connection with the spiritual and divine realms.

**Key Ingredients:**
- **Moringa Carrier Oil:** Elevate mental, emotional, and spiritual levels, fostering personal development.
- **Sacred Lotus Essential Oil:** Open the crown chakra, guiding you to higher dimensions and spiritual experiences.
- **Blue Lotus Essential Oil:** Cleanse the pineal gland, connecting you with the divine and ancient wisdom.
- **Holy Basil (Tulsi) Essential Oil:** Relax the mind and body, release negative energy, and promote enlightenment.
- **Palo Santo Essential Oil:** Cleanse and create positive energy, reduce stress, and enhance creativity.
- **Saffron Essential Oil:** Promote divine love, heal emotional wounds, and enhance psychic abilities.
- **Sandalwood Essential Oil:** Enhance inner unity, consciousness, and meditation.
- **Frankincense Oil:** Sharpen the mind, dispel negative energy, and promote spiritual awareness.
- **Jasmine Essential Oil:** Enhance mindfulness, connect with divine feminine energy.
- **Ylang Ylang Oil:** Deepen the connection to the divine and boost spiritual awareness.

**Infused with:**
- **Blue Lotus Flower Petals:** Enhance the oil's spiritual properties.
- **Jasmine Flower Buds:** Promote spiritual awakening and connection with divine energy.
- **Hibiscus Flowers:** Repel negative energy and support communication with other realms.
- **Peepal/Bodhi Tree Leaves:** The tree of spiritual enlightenment.

**With Stone Chips of:**
- **Labradorite:** Strengthen faith in self, promote psychic ability and intuition.
- **Amethyst:** Awaken the third eye chakra, facilitate communication with spiritual realms.
- **Apatite:** Enhance focus, mental clarity, and access to universal knowledge.
- **Moldavite:** Stimulate the third eye, promote spiritual evolution, and connect with divine energy.
- **Super 7 Stone:** Super 7 combines seven powerful minerals, including Amethyst, Quartz, and more. It harmonizes energies, enhances spiritual growth, and provides insight into your soul's purpose.

**Including Real 23.5K Gold Flakes & Pure Silver Flakes**
- Gold is known for its spiritual benefits, symbolizing purity, enlightenment, and divine energy.
- Silver represents clarity, insight, and Lunar energy, enhancing the oil's spiritual qualities.

Unleash the power of these carefully chosen ingredients, including the transformative Moldavite and Super 7 Stone, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth. "Bridge to the Divine" spiritual oil is a divine gift to guide you towards a deeper connection with the spiritual and divine forces that shape our existence. Elevate your spiritual awareness and unlock your inner potential today!

Product sold for entertainment purposes only! SOLD AS A RELIGIOUS CURIO FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY!

Everyone is different and has unique experiences. For this reason we do not guarantee any results or back any claims for this product.

You will be purchasing 1 Ounce of our Bridge to the Divine Oil.
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