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Hex Breaker Handmade Incense

Hex Breaker Handmade Incense

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Hex Breaker Hand-Made Incense
Contains 8 Incense Sticks
Made oils and herbs such as Dragon’s Blood, White Sage, Rompe Zaraguey, Vencedor, Vence Batalla, and more!

Light an incense stick daily and walk around your home asking your spirits and guides to remove all hexes and spells send your way. Move smoke throughout your body as you ask your spirits and guides to aid in removing all negative energy sent your way.

The Incense Making Process:

Each ingredient is grinned by hand and made into a fine powder. During this process, I ask for assistance from the Universe and Ancestors to help manifest what the intention will be.
Oils are carefully selected and mixed together. Incense is then dipped in oils to absorb the scent. As I dip the incense I ask the Universe that as I dip each stick, may the scent of each oil reach every corner and cleanse the space with its intention.
As I remove each stick, I roll with the powder of herbs, resins, and roots and after sprinkle the mix on top.
As I complete this process, I tie a ribbon in a color relating to its purpose and seal the work and purpose until it is used.

Incense is made to order and may arrive fresh! Carefully remove from plastic bag and place somewhere where it can dry while filling the room with its scent! I usually recommend placing on top of plastic zip loc bag to avoid any staining from oils.

After 2-3 days, you can now light each stick!

I hope you feel the magic and work that is put into the process and may it complete its purpose!

Much Love & Light! 💕✨
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