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Mystery Bags

Mystery Bags

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Witchy Mystery Bags

$35 Bag ($45+ Value & Free Shipping)


✨ 6 Tumbled Crystals

✨ 1 Incense Pack

✨ 2 Packs of Dried Herbs

✨ Mini Bottle of Florida Water


$60 Bag ($100+ Value & Free Shipping)


✨ 10 Tumbled Crystals

✨ 2 Incense Packs

✨ 4 Packs of Herbs

✨ 1 Oracle or Tarot Deck Guaranteed


Mystery Bags can contain the following items: Tumbled Crystals, Incense, Dried Herb Packets, Spiritual Colognes, Ritual Oils, Tarot Bags, Soaps, Candles, Smudges, and more!

They will contain equal or higher value in items within the bag. 
No additional instructions included. Please refer to their product pages for any details.
No Substitutions allowed. 
No additional discounts allowed. Orders with any coupons codes or discounts will be cancelled. 

Many Blessings 💕✨

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